Amadeo Steakhouse in Malaybalay

No security guard mans the entrance of Amadeo  Steakhouse in Malaybalay, Bukidnon. Instead, there is  a dog.(And there are dog poos all over the front lawn). But the dog doesn’t bark. When it noticed that I was a customer, it went inside the dining area to inform the waiters that someone is coming.

And voila, the place came alive. Lights were on. The music played. And the smiling waiters came out to greet me. It is lunch time, and I was alone.

Dining Al Fresco

Dining places like Amadeo provide unique experiences. I am sure my entrance will never be duplicated. Perhaps tomorrow, a cow will greet the first arrival. Just imagine the droppings.

Oh but Amadeo is a delight.It is! The place is so– hmmm what is the best word — rural? and beautifully so. It has a laid back, country-style decor – American country, definitely not French provencal or Tuscan rustic – with chairs and table plucked from history with some dusting and drapes.

The garden is naturalistic – Fukuoka style – with a collection of flowers, vines, grasses, weeds, twigs in a charming disarray punctuated with tables and chairs that looked like discards from typhoon Katrina. It is so weird that it is so lovely.

Well-done medium Australian steak

The food is divine. And cheap – although their idea of well-done steak is overly-done. So, perhaps, I should have said medium rare but it’s my fault, not theirs. The cabbage salad is yummy. Would have been better if I was sharing the meal with someone. But I was alone with three waiters attending to me.

Isn’t that lovely?


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