Travel Tips: Visiting Historical Churches

The Ethereal Baclayon Church

Spanish-era historical churches are essential part of Philippine travel attractions. Whether in Vigan, Laguna, Iloilo, Manila or Bohol, tourists will find historical churches as parts of an itinerary.  For those who don’t know what to do when visiting old churches, here are few simple tips:

a. get the historical brochure historical church sites give away handouts that explain the historical value of the edifice. In the Philippines, there are heritage markers that explain the origins of the church. These information will give you an idea of the historicity of the place and an appreciation of its value.

b. survey the artifacts and the art pieces. More often than not, there is a wealth of materials for art appreciation. Churches have intricate columns, some Gothic designs, murals, ancient bells, and more.

c. visit the museum. Most of these historical churches have museums which feature a display of liturgical vestments, antique images of saints, librettos, mass sacramentals and old documents.

d. drop by the souvenir shops – you will be surprised that among the usual items of rosary beads, holy water, novena pamphlets are exquisite art pieces made by the locals.

e. take pictures – both exterior and interior as oftentimes they provide different and contrasting perspectives.

f. pray – you are inside a Holy Ground, whatever your faith is, just communicate with your God.


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