Green Travel Takes Off

Okey, this page is for those who want to understand the concepts before experiencing them. If you are the kind who’d rather discover the theory after experiencing them, you may also use this page to validate your observations. If you don’t care about concepts and theories, then by all means, forget this page.

The tourism and travel industry joins the global movement towards sustainable living and responsible lifestyle.  There are several jargons invented to capture each specific approach. Trust me, they might sound similar but each term has a different nuance.

But first, please be reminded that there is a big difference between travel and tourism, although oftentimes they merge in a lot of areas.

The travel industry encompasses all forms of services related to the movement of people from one place to another. Tourism, as the World Tourism Organization defines it  is travel for predominantly recreational or leisure purposes or the provision of services to support this leisure travel.

So, tourism is just one of the intentions of travel – the others being business trips, migration, missionary, and refugee.



So, here are the different jargons:

Related to Travel and the Environment

1. Eco-conscious travel  simply means you are conscious or aware that your mode of transportation and accommodation will affect the environment.

2. Eco-friendly travel is a deliberate effort to make sure that your choices of transportation, accommodation, and other travel activities will contribute to the cause of the environment.

3. Green Travel is a movement that merges three values on travel: efficiency, sustainability and environmentalism. It has four major characteristics:

a. It reduces your carbon footprints.

b. It reduces wastes.

c. It supports the local economy.

d. It is budget-friendly.

Related to Tourism and the Environment

a.  Eco-Tourism is a specific form of  green travel with four benchmarks:  it promotes a conservation project; there is grassroot participation; it is culture-sensitive; and it supports the local economy.

b. Responsible Tourism – is a concept that goes beyond environmentalism. Actually, this is an umbrella concept. Responsible tourism takes into consideration core development issues: environmentalism, animal rights, gender equality, child rights, local economy, sensitivity to local or indigenous culture, and human rights.



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