Green Travel and Eco-tourism

Nature is Our Best Destination

There is no doubt about it: our planet is beautiful. Just look at the picture that NASA took of the Earth from outer space. It is a thing of beauty. It is our source of life. There is global awakening happening right now which moves every person, every family, every community, every company, and every country to participate in this gigantic task of saving the Earth and life as we know it.

But not everyone can go organic, or try to live off-the-grid, or install a solar panel at home. There are plenty of people who are constantly on the go, who love to travel and visit other places. Yes, they can still do that. This is what Green Travel and Eco-tourism are all about.

When it comes to travel and tourism, nature is our best ally, our best teacher, and our best companion.  For those of you who are still learning about the basics of green travel and eco-tourism, here is a simple explanation.

If you are looking for tips about green travel, you can find it in the Best Practices in Green Travel page. Tips and ideas on eco-tourism can be found in the Best Practices in Eco-tourism page.

This blog helps you practice Green Travel and Eco-tourism here in the Philippines. Information about Green resorts, eco-adventures, natural heritage, public transportation, travel tips – we will provide them for you.

a marvelous Bohol dawn

We love the earth. We love the Philippines. We have explored all these islands. And we are here to share our knowledge and experiences with you.